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Saturday, October 09, 2004

It's Mine!

This post is started to continue a discussion of one first started here on movie piracy which somehow escalated into a lot more. For starters, I see the argument for creative rights as a bigger thing. As Cocles pointed out, creative ideas are something the creator has invented himself, poured his or her life and breath into. Their work. Graywolf believes there should be a line drawn as to when the creative work becomes public domain. The point was brought up about things being able to be handed down eternally with out ever being given to the public domain. Now I if I create something on my own whether with my hands or in my head shouldn't make a difference. It's mine. I worked hard to create it. Now in my will I should be able to stipulate who it goes to. If I choose to leave it to my family and they continue to pass it down, it should always remain my families until THEY choose to sell it to the public or some another private individual. The analogy on Graywolf's blog was drawn to tangible assets such as cars and money, this is where my blog comes in.

I'll start with a quote that I posted on Graywolf's "If I create something, it should be allowed to stay in my family for as long as my family desires. How is that different then the diamond ring or Limoge that has been handed down through my family? Just because it's been 100 years someone can get it? Sorry, I'm not seeing a difference. If I created it with my own mind or hands, it seems it would be owned even more so by my family." Too make a long story short, (if you want the long version go here) the point of financial inheritance was brought up. Now I believe that if you have worked hard and earned money you should be able to hand it down just like everything else. Graywolf stated "Exactly my point YOU didn't work for it so YOU don't get it." Gray - I'd like to know who you think should get my dad's money when he dies? If it doesn't go to his children, then where is it going? To the government where it will be used to fund programs for the real people who are doing nothing more than sitting on their butts? This is nothing more than pure Socialism. Gray your arguement takes you in a circle. You are saying I shouldn't inherit the money because I didn't work for it, however most kids that come from families like that go on to go to college and have careers although there are exceptions who become bad apples and/or squander the family fortune. And by giving it to the public domain, you are giving it to the very people you don't like - those who sit on their butts and do nothing. So my question is to you Gray and to others on Graywolf's side of the arguement - who should get the money when my dad dies? I mean being realistic, when a parent dies it usually isn't while the children the money goes to are young. I am 37. If he were to die tomorrow, I would have money that could help make sure my kids get to go to college without the debt of student loans.

SO GRAY - answer the question - where should the money go?


Blogger Site Admin said...

Obviously you shouldn't leave you children or anyone in your family destitute when pass on. However if your children are adults and able bodied and able to support themselves, should they be waiting for mom or dad to kick off so they can take your money and buy a vacation condo in Boca? Hunger is the best pickle, if you want something go work for it, if your kids want something so should they. If they want more than most, you gotta be willing to work more than most. Teach a man to fish on his own, instead of giving him yours. Stand up and be recognized for your own achievments not those of your ancestors.

Cars and diamonds are different as they are tangible, ideas are not. And no a book isn't an idea it's a representation of an idea.

October 17, 2004 at 11:00 PM  
Blogger Cocles said...

Gray, did you honestly think that by writing two paragraph's worth of words we wouldn't notice that you never answered Thur's question?

But since you went to the effort, I'll humor you.

So you say, "Cars and diamonds are different as they are tangible, ideas are not. And no a book isn't an idea it's a representation of an idea."

You're right. A book is a representation of that idea. It is the idea in a tangible form. So a book is like a car, or a diamond.

Thur's right. Your arguments are circular at best.

You also say, "Hunger is the best pickle, if you want something go work for it, if your kids want something so should they."

If you want something, go work for it? Then why are you so hungry to steal my ideas instead of working at creating your own?

And if your kids want something, then they should work for it too? Then, once again, why are you so desperate for them to be able to steal my ideas instead of working at creating their own?

If hunger is the best pickle then why are you so intent on gorging yourself with someone else's dinner?

October 18, 2004 at 2:05 AM  
Blogger thuringwethil2004 said...

LMAO C, that's the first thing I thought when I read it. Gray you didn't answer the question. And your right, this is tangible assests, which is why I started my own blog about it. But the point is still something you create yourself is ten times more yours then something someone bought at store.

Either way - say I have worked my tail off and have my own money? When dad kicks off why shouldn't I get the money to buy a vacation home in the islands? If not me, WHO gray??

And if I'm destitute and they leave it to me, then that is the very thing you said was wrong?

That's all I want to know is who should get the money if it isn't me?

October 18, 2004 at 3:08 AM  
Blogger Site Admin said...

>>And if your kids want something, then they should work for it too?

Having been 17 years old and getting a job to pay for my own car and my own insurance, instead of free-loading off of my parents like almost everyone else I knew did. Maybe I'm just bitter as I was born poor and had to work to get where I am.

October 18, 2004 at 7:07 AM  
Blogger thuringwethil2004 said...

Gray my dad had to work from the time he was 10. He paid his own way through college and worked hard to become very successful. He didn't want his kids to have to do that. He did require us to work, but not during college unless we didn't keep up our grades up(so now you now why I had to work and pay for college). He didn't just feed us, he did teach us to fish, but he was able to help us more because he worked so hard. Don't you want your kids to have it better than you did?

But that still doesn't answer the question - who should get the money? I think you are taking a small majority of losers who live off their parents their whole lives and grouping them with the rest of us.

October 18, 2004 at 7:20 AM  

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